Employee Wellness & VCT

Policy Review and Development

  Cadeau Enterprises is well placed to assist your organisation in reviewing its health and wellness policies to ensure compliance and to communicate your commitment to total employee wellness. In consultation with the relevant stakeholders in your organisation, we will define your health and wellness policy/s and ensure that they are within the defined scope of your organisation’s health and wellness strategy.

Actuarial Impact Assessment

Current South African Labour legislation requires companies to address their HIV/AIDS risk. Amongst others, the Employment Equity Act, the Code of Good Practice on Key Aspects of HIV/AIDS and Employment, and the Technical Assistance Guidelines released by the Department of Labour, provide the legislative framework and guidelines to assist organisations in managing their HIV/AIDS risk. Metropolitan Wellness can assist organisations in measuring current and projected HIV/AIDS risk through an HIV/AIDS Impact Assessment.

Knowledge, Attitudes, Behaviour Practices (KAPB) Survey

A KAPB survey can monitor progress made with the HIV/AIDS risk management programme. Ideally, a KAPB survey should be repeated every 18 months to evaluate progress, make necessary changes regarding the strategy and inform various stakeholders. The purpose of a KABP survey is to determine employees’ potential risk of infection, to assess their level of education and understanding of the HIV infection, as well as possible discriminatory attitudes that exist.

Situational Analysis

This phase will involve a systematic collection and study of past and present data to identify trends, forces, and conditions with the potential to influence the provision and positioning of employee wellness initiatives. This will also influence the choice of appropriate strategies. With data obtained from the aspects listed above, a strategic planning session aimed at prioritising actions according to client preference and best practise with a minimum disruption of operational issues, is conducted.

We aim to partner with your organisation to strengthen not only your bottom line, but also to enable a healthier, happier workforce.

HIV/AIDS Programmes

Over 6 million South Africans are HIV positive and South Africa has the highest rate of new infections globally. With 1 in 6 South African’s being HIV positive, this disease has the greatest impact on corporate South Africa in terms of payroll, productivity, absenteeism and Group Risk.

Access to treatment and care for the average South African is limited however corporate South Africa can make difference to address this by implementing affordable solutions that save lives whilst delivering return on investment for the corporate.

As the leader in the HIV/AIDS management field we have saved thousands of lives and aided thousands more in living healthy and happy lives despite being HIV positive.

Our proactive approach to disease management provides HIV positive employees with on-going support, advice and counselling and is the core of our Wellness Programme. Disease Management

Cadeau Enterprises provides a wide range of services and programmes that are provided aimed at mitigating the impact of HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses in the workplace.

The following are some of the key services offered with regard to the Management of HIV and AIDS:

  • Formulating HIV/AIDS strategies
  • Policy development and review
  • Knowledge, attitude, behaviour and perception (KABP) surveys
  • HIV and AIDS prevalence surveys
  • Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) programme
  • Development and implementation of HIV and AIDS communications strategies
  • Monitoring and Evaluation systems and strategies
  • Training (create link to the training division)
  • Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) programme
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