EHS Business Risk Management

Companies traditionally manage EHS risks and performance through establishment of management systems, compliance programs, and compliance auditing programs.

Employee Wellness & VCT

Cadeau Enterprises is well placed to assist your organisation in reviewing its health and wellness policies to ensure compliance and to communicate your commitment to total employee wellness.

Environmental Management

Cadeau Enterprises provides an extensive range of environmental management services and management programs and assessments.

Occupational Hygiene Monitoring

Compilation and revision of mandatory occupational health codes of practices (COP)

Public Health

A wide variety of compounds can be tested for chemical and microbiological contaminants. If you are evaluating spraying, wanting to understand the nature of deposits or monitor cleaning processes we’ll have a swab and surface sample test to meet you requirements.

Risk Assessment

We can do and fully manage your company’s risk assessment based on the legislative requirements and the suitability thereof for your company.

Safety Management

A Health and Safety File, otherwise known as a ‘Contractor Safety File’ is a record of information focusing on the management of health and safety on construction sites for contractors and sub-contractors.

SHERQ Audits

SHERQ Audits are conducted at pre-determined intervals and times on a monthly basis with the Client and Contractors. The Audit Report will be available within 3 days after the audit has being completed.

Waste Management

We have extensive experience providing a wide range of waste management services to large corporates, municipalities and restaurants.